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While we would prefer to operate in an environment free from rules and regulation, in order to protect the quality of our service and our relationship with our valued customers, we ask that you please read carefully before accepting any quote from Around About Removals. We will always try to remain adaptable and understanding to your unique needs.


1.1. Official (written) quotes are valid for 28 days.
1.2. Additional costs will be negotiated if the following has not been disclosed to us at the time of compiling your quote:
1.2.1. Premises above second floor
1.2.2. Loading more than 25 meters from front door – see 4.
1.2.3. Exceptionally large, heavy or unusually shaped items (e.g. sleeper wood furniture, pot plants)
1.2.4. Packing and/or boxes required
1.2.5. Disconnecting or reconnecting of electrical/plumbed appliances
1.2.6. Dismantling and Assembling of furniture
1.2.7. Additional items not specified on final signed inventory list.
1.2.8. If we are misinformed by yourself regarding any access limitations and restrictions, which in Around About Removal’s reasonable opinion and/or move your delivery to a time and date logistically executable.  Storage and re-delivery fees will apply.  
1.2.9. Access limitations and restrictions include but are not limited to the following: Closing times of security gates, storage facilities etc. Vehicle height/length and weight restrictions Around About Removals Employee ID’s/passports are required. Gravel/dirt roads (only if agreed to by us in writing)
1.3. The following services are excluded, unless requested and quoted for:
1.3.1. Connection and disconnection of electrical, electronic or plumbing equipment or any other similar items. 
1.3.2. Dismantling and reassembling of furniture.
1.3.3. Removing and re-installing doors, security gates or windows to move any item out or into the property. 
1.3.4. Hoisting of items.
1.3.5. Items that require more than four men or specialised equipment to move. 


The company offering furniture delivery has certain policies related to shared loads. These policies are outlined below:
1.1.1. Delivery Timeframe: The delivery of furniture can take anywhere from 2 to 6 days.
1.1.2. Pricing: The prices for furniture delivery are determined based on other shared loads in the same area.  However, if there are not enough moves from the same area, the company reserves the right to cancel the move.
1.1.3. Availability: The availability of shared loads is determined by the number of shared loads in the same area.  If there are enough shared loads in the same area, it is profitable for the company to do the move.
1.1.4. Cancellation:  If the company cancels the move, any deposit paid by the client will be refunded in full. 


2.1. Please be as thorough as possible when compiling your inventory list
2.2. Changes to the inventory list need to be communicated to us in order to ensure the correct staff and vehicle is reserved for your move
2.3. Changes to your inventory may have a direct impact on the quote supplied to you. See 1.2
2.4. All items are assumed to be of a nature that 2 loaders can carry and load. If not, please advise in good time.
2.5. Items of great value (e.g. antique furniture) need to be identified within the inventory as additional insurance may be required. See 9.
2.6. Jewellery, handbags, wallets, cash, ammunition, keys, medals, laptops, cell phones, tablets and firearms must be transported by owner. 
2.7. Any type of wine collections & beverages must be packed and sealed by owner and will be transported at your own risk. 
2.8. It is the owners duty to ensure that all items are loaded. 
2.9. Potplants will be transported at your own risk, and should not be watered before or during transportation.  Potplants will be quoted separately. 
2.10. Self-packed boxes and/or crates are transported at owners own risk.  It must be packed so that 2 men can handle it. 
2.11. Flammable fluids & paint will not be transported by Around About Removals.  Only EMPTY gas bottles will be transported. 
2.12. Only the items listed in the Inventory are part of the service rendered by Around About Removals. All other items not provided for in the Inventory are excluded from this agreement and are regarded as “excluded items” and Around About Removals has no obligation to move or handle these items, unless approved by management in writing. 
2.13. Excluded items include but are not limited to:
2.13.1. Loose and unpacked items
2.13.2. Items packed in refuse bags
2.13.3. Unsealed owner packed boxes. 


3.1. Please ensure that large pots have been emptied of soil and plants where possible.
3.2. Please bind leaves and branches for efficient loading
3.3. Please ensure boxes containing fragile items are marked clearly
3.4. Please ensure that ALL small valuable and personal items are removed by yourselves.  Please put it out of sight before we arrive. 
3.5. We can assist with packing of your belongings however this will only be done if arranged at the time of requesting the quotation
3.6. TV’s must be in their box, or with a box wrapped around it, as it is a fragile item


4.1. Should the distance from our vehicle to your front door exceed 25m, please notify us prior to your move.  More than 25 metres will require a long carry.  More than 70 metres will require a shuttle, both at extra cost.
4.1.1 If a last-minute shuttle is required at loading or off-loading points, you will be charged a fee of R3000.00 
4.2. Please ensure that there is suitable parking space for our vehicles (6.5m to 8.5m) for the 4,5 and 7 Tonners, and 15m for the Interlink, that we use for long distance moves. 
4.3. Please note that it is your responsibility to inform us if trucks/trailers are not permitted to enter your complex and to confirm any height/weight restrictions at both premises.  This includes extra stops. 


5.1. While we do our utmost to ensure a punctual arrival, the estimated time of arrival may vary as dependent on factors such as traffic, weather and cooperation of other customers who may be moved prior to you. Your patience is highly favoured
5.2. Please ensure that we can contact you if we require directions while on-route.
5.3. Any delay incurred by the customer in loading or off-loading of vehicle, will be charged at a rate of R450.00 per hour. 


6.1. Please ensure that plumbing is disconnected prior to your move
6.2. Please note that it is your responsibility to inspect both premises prior to our departure to ensure no items have stayed behind.
6.3. You have the right to check our vehicle/s prior to our departure to ensure all items have been offloaded


7.1. Please contact us prior to making your deposit to ensure your chosen date is still available.
7.2. Deposit: 50% to be paid in order to accept the quotation and secure the date of your move. Remaining balance to be settled 48 hours prior to the move. Only EFT and online payment will be accepted.
7.3. Please note: Your move will not be confirmed until the deposit is received
7.4. We regret we do not accept Cheques, Cheque Deposits or Cash
7.5. Goods will not be off-loaded unless account is settled in full. 
7.6. Storage and re-delivery fees will be charged if you are unable to receive your goods or payment is not settled in full. 


8.1. For moves booked between the 20th and the 4th of any given month, cancellations need to be made at least 72 hours prior to the move
8.2. For moves booked between the 5th and the 19th of the month, cancellations need to be made at least 48 hours prior to the move.
8.3. Cancellations made in less time than stipulated in 8.1 and 8.2, then forfeit the deposit.
8.4. There will be a 10% admin fee for all cancellations. 


9.1. Around About Removals is insured by Mutual & Federal. Your load will be insured up to the value of R400,000 and will be covered against:
9.1.1. Hi-Jack
9.1.2. Fire and Looting
9.1.3. Vehicle Collision and Overturning
9.2. While we will not be held responsible for any damages NOT covered by our insurance, we will do our utmost best to repair furniture that is repairable and was damaged, as a direct result of handling by our team.
9.2.1. Damaged furniture must return with the truck upon offloading. It will then be brought to the office where it will be assigned to be repaired. After the repair process has been completed, it will be returned to the owner as soon as possible.
9.2.2. Although our staff is trained and equipped to handle and take extra care of your belonging, to the best of their abilities, accidents do happen. We urge all our clients to take out either the All-Risk insurance that we offer to you, at an additional cost or to inform your own insurance. This is covered under your short-term insurance, prior to your move. This is for all Electrical Appliances that are of greater value. Around About Removals will not be liable for dents, scratches or any other damages obtained during the time of the move.
9.3. Damages must be identified at the time of the move, prior to our departure.
9.4. Items of great value (e.g. antiques) must be identified at the time of requesting the quotation as additional insurance may need to be arranged.


10.1. While we will not be held responsible for any damages NOT covered by our Insurance, we will do our utmost best to repair furniture that is repairable and was damaged, as a direct result of handling by our team. 
10.1.1  Damaged furniture must return with the truck upon offloading.  It will then be brought to the office where it will be assigned to be repaired. After the repair process has been completed, it will be returned to the owner as soon as possible. 
10.1.2  Any damages that are not discovered during the move but are found after the truck has departed, must be reported to the office within 48 hours of the move, in writing and with photos. 


11.1. By accepting our quotation, you warrant that:
11.1.1. The goods removed are your property or,
11.1.2. You have the authority of the owner (in writing) in respect of the goods being moved
11.1.3. You will indemnify us in respect of any damages and/or costs if these warranties are not true.

By paying the 50% deposit, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this document. 

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Chrisna HerbstChrisna Herbst
10:42 11 May 24
I can highly recommend this company for all your moving needs. This is my third move with them and it went smoothly.It is easy to get an estimate quote online and Martie assisted with all the admin related parts.On the day of the move, the guys were punctual and loading and off loading was done quickly and efficiently. in my case less than 3 hours. I had no damaged goods and items were placed in the applicable rooms as per my marked boxes.Moving is such a stressful event, but Martie and the team made sure that they handled this part of it like the professionals they are!Thank you to the Around About team! You are rockstars!
Laetitia KleynhansLaetitia Kleynhans
19:23 30 Apr 24
Adel ReynoldsAdel Reynolds
10:56 13 Mar 24
08:12 01 Mar 24
I had to arrange a move at the last minute and Around About went all out to help me make it happen.They fitted me into their schedule, and their team were incredibly efficient.Everything arrived in good condition, easing the stress of a last-minute move.
De Wet PienaarDe Wet Pienaar
16:08 01 Feb 24
I highly recommend this company! I've used their services twice and plan to do so again. They are consistently punctual, diligent, swift, and attentive.
Sonia EmerySonia Emery
11:32 19 Jan 24
Thank you for a very professional and satisfactory move to Pretoria East. The team was SUPERB!!!! The move exceeded my expectations. Thank you Around About, I will definitely promote your company whenever I have the opportunity. Be blessed!
Jennifer van EedenJennifer van Eeden
08:16 27 Nov 23
The team was absolutely brilliant and very professional. We would recommend them 100 times over as they were so great. The speed in which they packed up and unpacked was phenomenal and they took great care in the items we were moving. The cost was also very competitive! THANK YOU JEFFERY and CO!! We will be recommending this company to others.
Jordan van den BergJordan van den Berg
12:52 02 Sep 23
My move was supposed to start at 8am. I was informed they will only get here at 10. Truck only arrived after 11am.By 1Pm still waiting for the shuttle to get my furniture from the townhouse to the truck. Brand new furniture baking in the sun for hours.
Robyn RamharukRobyn Ramharuk
07:11 28 Nov 22
DON'T SLEEP ON THIS COMPANY!!!!!! 11/10We had the absolute BEST service from Pieter and his team. Everyone was efficient, super fast but very careful. The entire team was really lovely and friendly and did an exceptional job. There were so many external challenges, out of our control, thrown at them in both Jhb and Cape Town but they handled it incredibly professionally and truly went above and beyond to have my furniture delivered.As you can see on the photo attached, the road in CT was too narrow for the truck so they had to trolley many loads up the hill and honestly, I take my hat off - this is exhausting work and I appreciate their work ethic so much!I will definitely be using Around About again and I suggest anyone reading this, still indecisive, do the same. Highly recommend! :-)
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